Md. Amdadul Hoque Sarker

Additional Managing Director

Md. Amdadul Hoque Sarker

Mr. Md. Amdadul Hoque Sarker is such a pioneering business leader whose passion is to dominate the electrical and electronics industry by ensuring sustainable sales growth through constant expansion. As an innovative, proactive, competitive, result-driven and marvelous business leader with over 30 years of proven experience in the field of electrical & electronics industry of Bangladesh, he was leading all sales wings as the Head of Sales being appointed as a Deputy Managing Director for Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC. After remarkable contribution to the sales wings and its developments, recently Mr. Sarker has been promoted as the Additional Managing Director of the Company. Besides Sales, he is now leading the credit recovery team as a special assignment from the management of the company.

Mr. Sarker was born on 12th February, 1970 and started his career with Walton in 1993. He completed his graduation from Dhaka University in 1988 and obtained his Master of Business Administration Degree with a major in Marketing. He has also achieved an Advanced Certificate in Business Administration from IBA, DU. His strategic vision, farsighted mindset, imaginative dynamic and constantly adaptive approaches to the ever-changing market, maneuvering sales policies, charismatic persona combined with in-depth knowledge and hands-on market experience led him to ensuring business sustainability through continuous market outreach and expansion as well as securing maximum market share strategically; and also paving the path to establish and retain the robust network of Walton Exclusive Distribution Channel throughout the country. He is objective-driven and continuously delivering his remarkable performances as well as keeping his contributions aligned with organizational goals. His boundless efforts, contributions and achievements have paved the way for him to establish his stronghold within various upper management denominations. Due to his farsightedness, sincerity and leadership abilities, he’s been awarded with a gold medallion from Walton.

As an unparalleled sales & marketing professional, Mr. Sarker played a key role by devoting his relentless hard work, acumen skills and strategic agility to ensure accessibility of all categories of Walton products to the masses through Walton’s exclusive sales outlets which is spread across the country like a spider’s web to ensure maximum reachability to the customers within a stone’s throw which is one of his prime strategies to increase the highest market turnover rate of Walton compared to any other local competitors in the industry.

With a bright sense of humor, cheerful persona and strong persuasion skills, Mr. Sarker has established a friendly and healthy working environment where all sales members are motivated, cheerful and self-aware. He firmly believes that success is something to be shared with everyone because there is no “I” in ‘Team’.

Mr. Sarkar’s tenure of experience and dynamism of bold leadership will truly be the lighthouse for Walton during any storm. His contribution, support, diligence and zeal played a vital role to shape the Walton that we know today.

He is also one of the members of the Marketing Management Committee (MMC) of the Board of Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC.