Frequently Asked Questions

The main products of Walton are Television, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Home Appliances, Electrical Appliances, Compressors and as well as IT products.
Presently, Walton is exporting its products to India, Nepal, Maldives, East Timur in Asia; Yemen, Turkey, Iraq in the Middle East; Denmark, Austria, Slovakia, Greece, Poland, Ireland, Croatia, Romania, Italy, Spain in Europe; Uganda, Mali/Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania in Africa and USA, Mexico in North America. Currently, Wehave International Walton Brand Distributorsin Nepal, Maldives, East Timur, Yemen, Turkey, Iraq, Austria/Slovakia, Romania, Mali/Senegal, Kenya and there are many more countries in the pipeline.
Walton has set a vision to be among one of the "Top Five Consumer Electronics Brands" in the world by 2030.
It’s easy to update your address. Please request your Depository participant/Broker to change your address (Brokerage House).
We know sometimes shareholders get confused about making changes to the bank account. Shareholders in the CDS system need to communicate with their respective Depository Participants.
You need to inform the company addressing Company Secretary to inform your claim. After checking status/reconciliation (if pending), duplicate warrant(s) will be issued in your favor.


We are willing to bring our world class products and services to customers all around the country. That is why, we have partnered with these excellent online shops to bring our products to wider range of customers.

Currently, we have more than twenty authentic online partners and we have been so proud of it.

Send us a message through the “Contact Us” page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Click Here.
To avail EMI facility, one must possess a credit card. Go to your nearest Showroom with your credit card and the people there will hand you a form. Fill it properly and then it is done. It’s that easy. To be 100% sure, call your bank after 7 working days of your product purchasing date whether the paid amount has been converted into EMI.